Currently, three kinds of Fa-Hui are held in Taiwan Jhunan Qi-Gong Center and we host it in a manner of a ceremony of Dharma Service, combining with Qi-Gong activities. Through Qi-gong practice, we can make a connection between the participants and the spiritual world, so as to get the blessing and power from the supernatural beings. Here, all the religion symbols help us to practice and do self-cultivation, we regard all of them as our mentors.

  1. New Year Good Fortune Fa-Hui:Everyone wish having a good start at the beginning of one year and be with a good fortune in the whole year, and therefore we host the good fortune ceremony every year after Chinese New Year. A candle will be lit for each participant and appeal for the assistant from god. Furthermore, the power of the blessing will be transmitted to it, giving to each participant simultaneously.
  2. Pudu Fa-Hui:The lunar calendar in July is traditionally regarded as Ghost Month. In this month people used to host ceremony for honoring the dearly departed, ghosts, aborted babies and expiate the bad karmas. Taiwan Jhunan Qi-Gong Center hosts the Pu-Du ceremony every year in Ghost Month in order to eliminate disasters and to liberate souls and beings. A set of offerings will be prepared for all participants for the Pu-Du rite, The association will donate offerings to charitable institutions after the ceremony.
  3. Guan Yin Ceremony:Guan Yin Bodhisattva is regarded as the most well known god of the symbol of compassion, who has a supernatural power of assuming any form of requirement from beings to relieve their sufferings. By practicing with Guan Yin, the participants could reduce bad karma and help the passed relatives and aborted babies to eliminate sins. Taiwan Jhunan Qi-Gong Center hosts the Guan Yin ceremony every year. We prepare a set of offerings to cherish the memory of the gods and dearly departed with the greatest respect. In addition, we connect with the energy between heaven and earth to help us to keep safe and smooth going through the year. Also, the participants can help themselves and do self-cultivation by practicing Qi-gong in such a special occasion.