Taiwan center has an 250m2 European style yard. To provide student have a vitality and vigor practice environment.

The yard is planted with a variety of trees and grass.There are also some leisure chairs for students and their relatives can be with nature enjoying the sunlight and wind.

1st Floor

The first floor includes the institution office space , practice areas, and tea area. The association office can support the required documents, data preparation, and liaison work. It can also help the center to smooth the operation and promote cultivation more efficiently.

The practice area includes meditation and movement practice places where students can use incense to guide them how to practice. At present, the day time courses of the advanced class practice at here most of time.

Tea area is the most favorite gathering place for the students after the class, where they can enjoy Taiwan high mountain tea and various desserts. Here master Chen often discuss the feeling of cultivation with students to help students analyze and solve individual problems profoundly. Taiwan students and European students who have been here know that to participate in the discussion after class often have surprising harvest.