The Qi Gong Centre is located in Huan Shih Road, Chu Nan Township, Miao Li County, Taiwan. The building is four and a half storeys high with a basement. The basement classroom is approximately 200m2, it is equipped with a stereo system and decorate with cushions to provide a safe and comfortable environment to exercise. Located on the first floor is a communal area where students can get together to socialise as well as a quiet area to meditate during leisure time. The second floor classroom has Tatami flooring. The arrangement and décor is well presented to high standards, providing a comfortable yet functional area for both movement exercises and quiet meditation practises. Additionally, the Qi field of the centre has been adjusted to enable practitioners to enjoy a safe and inspirational environment to learn and progress. The roof top, balcony and garden areas are all welcoming places to practice and relax at leisure.