Mister Chen Yongzhi
A practicing master who is steadily teaching the concept of true and real self-cultivation.

Master Chen was born 1970 in Nanzhuang in Miaoli county. 12 years ago he had the opportunity through a coincidence of fate to meet a highly respectable person - Grandmaster Li Zhichang, who is know residing in Munich, Germany. He lead him through the door of the deep profundities of Qigong. Thereupon followed the prelude to a legendary and fantastic life – a never ending series of wonders and surprises, day and night. Untiring and without a break, walking the road of Qigong and cultivation of life, without any expectations, his whole rhythm of life and lifeplan changed.

Undergoing all kinds of tests and refining, he went through all sorts of challenges and the hardest training. Never yielding and always persisting, Master Chen finally gained the fruits of his efforts. He was delighted that through this special method of learning and his own rare and wondrous way of learning he acquired achievement and abilities, he was willing to share with all practitioners of self-cultivation who are bond to him by fate.

In recent years he gained lots of experiences concerning the teaching of Qigong as well as its popularization. He integrated the essentials of various religions, schools and traditions and created his own method and way of teaching. Furthermore, he his holding courses and teaching at home and abroad.

In order to enable more people to learn this kind of Qigong and to let them progress more easily, Master Chen created after intense studies and research his own practicing methods. This also includes the method of Wu Ji Gong. Whether the practitioner just started to learn Qigong or is an advanced practitioner who already has been practicing for several years, both will equally profit from this form of practice and gain tremendous results.

This practicing method differs from the traditional ways of practicing Qigong. It uses the way of movement as its basic foundation and enables practitioners in a short amount of time to experience an obvious adjustment and improvement of their physical, mental and spiritual state.