Wu Ji Gong Practice Method

Wu Ji Gong is a specialised movement art (“Wu” in Chinese means “Dance”) After Master Chen followed his teacher (Grand Master Li Zhi Chang) for ten years; he digested and understood all the Qi Gong methods. In order to enable the public, all those who wanted to learn Qi Gong but had no idea where to start, he created Wu Ji Gong.

The main feature of Wu Ji Gong is the use of music to assist in initiating and developing each practitioner’s potential and vitality. Using Movement Methods to start practice allows those who have difficulties with achieve a state of tranquillity and calmness to practice meditation. It provides a shortcut to learn Qi Gong. Wu Ji Gong allows movement to develop into stillness. Motion into calm and true stillness is movement. Wu Ji and Tai Ji are two aspects of one thing – two sides of the same coin.

Not only is Wu Ji Gong a type of movement practice but it is also a technique in the cultivation of the heart/mind. Wu Ji Gong is special in that it cultivates and nurtures both one’s internal and external being – spiritual as well as the physical development. As well as strengthening and improving one’s spiritual being and apply these principles in their daily lives through the way they deal with day to day matters and their interaction with world around them and others, then the results of enhancing essence, Qi and spirit will be even more spectacular.

Master Chen emphasises that Wu Ji Gong is a set of Qi Gong cultivation practices that can help people to nurture their own Nature, Qi and Spirit. Profound theories can be understood through extremely simple methods. There is no discrimination, it does not matter how old you are, what religion you follow, your beliefs, race or creed. This is a technique everyone can learn. We sincerely invite you to discover the treasure of Qi cultivation through Wu Ji Gong together. Come on! Dance your way into health and vitality! Dance your way to undercover your true potential in life!