Jin (Inner Strength)

When you focus on your own body, every place or every organ, the Qi inside your body will adjust the body automatically. If there is a place of physical discomfort, the Qi will automatically go to the place that needs to be adjusted, and will regulate the problem until the pain is released. Then it will go to another point of pain or blocked meridian.

The body can be adjusted directly and rapidly via using this practice method. Besides, stiffness in your muscles and tendons as well as sore problems can be eased effectively. The Qi is in your body. You only need to think that you want to adjust your muscles and tendons, then some strechting movements will show up automatically. At this point, you only need to remind yourself to follow the Qi, as much as possible. During practice always remind yourself to let the movements get a bit bigger and a bit more. Through this, you will achieve an even better effect.